Friday, November 18, 2011

Hearts Toward Home- Our Goal: To turn our hearts toward home, towards the value of family, towards traveling together to our eternal home and setting our hearts on bringing the orphan "Home". 

Getting Things Started... Well, here we are! It has been many years in the making, but our family is happy to say that we are excitedly starting several new journeys. We have felt called to more of a "homesteading" lifestyle and have wanted to move out of the suburbs to where we can live a simple life- faith, family, learning to provide for ourselves and have more space to really invest in making a life simpler and more sustainable. We had been praying and searching for the right "homestead" and our Good Lord has blessed us with a new place we now call home...its only a few acres, but its ours and we hope to spend many years loving our life here and making it fruitful!

Our other big adventure is that our Lord blessed us with an eye-opening call to adoption back in March of 2011...I will never forget the day I found "Reece's Rainbow" while browsing some favorite blogs...we are forever changed. And we plan to ACT on that call. Please join us as we strive as a family to turn our hearts towards home...our hearts toward our heavenly home and our hearts toward bringing an orphan to their forever home... Love and Blessings, The Perrys

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