After many years of looking for the right place to move our family, God blessed us with an amazing opportunity to move to a more rural area in South Carolina.  Our main goal of moving was to have a homestead...we wanted to garden, have chickens, do aquaponics as a means of producing home grown fish and year round vegetables.  We wanted to can and store our own garden produce...have lots of fruit trees and berry bushes...all the wonderful things that could make up our family homestead.  My husband is an incredibly smart man with a love for permaculture...he's been studying up and is looking forward to trying out a lot of what he's researched.

We've been at our new place for almost a year.  We've accomplished a lot so far considering we jumped into the adoption process pretty soon after moving here!  We've put in 8 fruit bearing trees, 3 blueberry bushes and some raspberries.  We've tilled up a large space for a garden and had a garden this past summer.  We got our very first flock of 1 day old chicks last April and they are now starting to lay the most beautiful brown eggs!  We've got 25 chickens and we're happy to know that they are super healthy...they free range and eat soy-free organic feed.  Can't get much better than that!   Chickens have been a great first homestead animal for us and we're looking forward to trying our hand at a pig or two or possibly some milking goats.

Overall, we are very excited to finally be blessed with a place to put down roots and really grow as a homestead.  There are so many possibilities to what we could do here and we're really enjoying the journey.

We hope you'll check back often to our blog as we start to have all of our "firsts"....first large garden, first chickens and who knows what else! We hope this will be a great encouragement to others and that we will make connections with other families desiring this same way of life.

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