Friday, July 11, 2014

Garden craziness...

This time of year with having a new little one any day now is already VERY busy...but then you've always got the fact that it's garden season, too...I can't believe we're trying to have a baby during garden season- we really are crazy!

We've been working at out gardening a few years now and we can never resist turning our lives upside down to focus our efforts on a garden each year.  We just get so much joy out of our labor.

Every day Elijah is bringing in to me something else that is ripe and ready!  We're sad that sugar snap pea time is over....everyone loves when those are ripe! We ate a ton of those earlier in the season...

We've tried making some lacto fermented pickles...ones with a salt brine instead of vinegar...they will actually have good bacteria and be super good for you!  They've been sitting for almost two weeks and will be ready to eat tomorrow :). 

I also made some regular vinegar brine pickles as an alternative incase not everyone likes the lacto fermented ones...

Needed to use up the cucumbers!

We finally have lots of watermelons growing this year as well...Elijah always wants to grow watermelons but last year the heavy rains rotted what did start growing.  This year we've been very careful to keep the melons up and dry and they are doing great!

Watermelon and cucumber plants gone crazy!  We've decided that even though they are all producing great, we need a better plan for where to put them in the garden next year...they took over way more space than we planned for!

We've also decided we really can't eat nine 30 pound watermelons on our own so we're hoping to have a little "end of the summer" pool and watermelon eating party just as soon as I'm recovered from having our newest little one.  The kids are looking forward to it!

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