Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Bulgarian Boy...One Year Home

Today marks one year home for Joseph!

We tried to spend the day letting him do a few things that we knew he'd like...he went in the pool, had icecream with whipped cream (an actual treat that he's decided he likes!) and a black beans and rice for dinner that is also a meal he now enjoys. Food is still quite an issue for him, so it's nice to have a couple things we know he'll enjoy :)

I'm sorry that I haven't been on the blog giving updates on Joseph the past few months...i have been pretty busy managing Joseph, Emmeline and growing our seventh little addition to the family due in July! Yup, we're busy preparing for another little boy that should be entering the world in the next couple of weeks!  Hopefully I can start to make some more time to blog...

It's hard to believe that Joseph has been home a whole year...I guess with so many doctors appointments, health issues, adjustments and experiencing everything for the first time...well, months seem to fly by.  He's gained a bit of weight and he's gotten so much stronger than he was when he first came home.  He's still not walking yet...though his therapists say that he's physically able and just can't seem to figure out how to get him walking yet.  He gets around, though....he can pull to a stand, climb up on bunk beds and furniture...he definitely enjoys traveling around the house!

He's still not able to communicate with us.  He makes a couple sounds but is not saying words or using signs yet.  

After a year home, we've prayerfully decided to try bringing Joseph to the local special needs preschool in the mornings starting at the end of August.  His speech therapist in particular has noticed that Joseph tends to learn new skills but can't seem to retain them for very long.  We're hoping the consistency of the morning preschool will help Joseph get more consistent practice with skills he could really benefit from.  If it doesn't seem to be good for him then I will just pull him out.  We really hope it works out, though...Joseph is such a great little boy who has missed so much.  He's getting bigger and physically stronger but still really struggles with a lot.  We'd love for him to gain some skills that will make him feel a little more independent and able.  We see his frustration over not being able to communicate and we hope that this will improve with some preschool time.

Even with his struggles, we all love him and feel blessed that he joined our family.  And we're looking forward to what the next year home with us will bring for him!

Thank you again to each and every person that helped support us with prayer and donations during our adoption  process...thanks to you, Joseph has had his very first year of being loved in a family of his very own!  So thank you!

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