Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day...because its 3/21 and persons with Down Syndrome have a third copy of  the 21st chromosome.  

This is not a day that our family would have ever reallly thought of in years past...but now has a real significance to us thanks to our amazing son, Joseph.  

I can honestly say that I wasn't sure at first that a child with Down Syndrome would be a good fit for our family.  We just didn't have very much experience with children with Down Syndrome and I was worried.  Until I met him.  And got to know him...not as a diagnosis but as the person he is.  He's pretty awesome ;)  And God knew just what He was doing when he placed him before us and asked us to trust.  It is obvious to us now that he was meant for our family all along.  

Any concern I had about us not being familiar enough with Down Syndrome to adopt Joseph has been wiped away...because it just takes love.  Parents love their kids and do for them what they need.  Its no different with Joseph.  He has particular needs so we do our best to meet those needs.  And we are happy to do it...because he's our son and we love him.

I've been blessed with a deeper understanding of Down Syndrome this year thanks to our son, Joseph.  His being a part of our family has grown us and made us better.  And for that we are all very grateful.

More updates and pictures to come!

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  1. Great to see how great Joseph's doing. He's adorable and looks so happy!