Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dan's first mini-homesteading project

When we first moved in to our new home, Dan knew he really wanted to get the compost going.  The cost of buying a fancy, rotating compost bin is ridiculous so Dan got to work making us one.  He bought a couple used  55 gallon barrels for $23 each and used Google Sketchup to design it.  Here's a pic of it as well as the sketch up file of the frame to hold to barrel.

Notes from Dan: "I used a galvanished steel pipe with two plywood discs on each end bolted to the barrel.  Drilled holes in to let air in and cut a door on the side.  Bought hinges and a latch to keep it closed.  Overall, it cost us about $50 to build it instead of $190.00 to buy one locally."

Happy Composting!


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