Sunday, February 10, 2013

Missing church...

I miss going to our parish church.  Two weeks ago, I was having some pretty close together, hard contractions that made us think I was in labor and kept me home from church that morning.  Then the next week, we had just had Emmeline a couple days prior so I needed to stay home again. 

My midwife came for a one week checkup with little Emmeline and gave me The Talk.  The one about how terrible the flu has been this year, how for infants a cold of flu can quickly turn into a life-threatening illness, how if Emmeline were to go in public right now she could become very, very all led up to the fact that she was pretty serious about us staying at home for the first 6 weeks.  I nearly lost it!  I am a home body...but I still like getting out and seeing friends, too.  And I don't just miss church...I'd have to be dying to stay home from church.  So the idea of staying put at home for 6 weeks has been quite hard to swallow...usually I have really great nursing babies that travel great with me and I don't think twice about bringing them out.  I always felt like nursing my babies kept them pretty immune from getting sick...but according to our midwife, this is just not enough with all the illnesses going around right now. 

So for now, My family is headed up to our parish church without Emmeline and I... and I will be quietly sneaking the two of us into the back of the tiny, local church closer to home.  No one really knows us very well there,  so I can get away with keeping Emma Clare tucked away in her carseat without being seen.  I'd much rather be bringing her to meet her parish family, but for now we're going to have to keep away for a bit.

To our friends at church...thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and we are looking forward to when we get the "all clear" to be back at church with everyone :)

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