Friday, May 3, 2013

You can listen to Summit 9 Live!

Summit 9 is going on right now!  For those that don't know what that is, the summit it is a huge conference held each year by the Christian Alliance for Orphans.  I had really hoped to go, but there were several reasons why it just didn't work out this year.

BUT...they are streaming some of the sessions for free online!  I've heard some amazing testimonies from adopted children now adults, talks by adoptive families and a talk by Karen Purvis (author of "The Connected Child") that was so good I just couldn't take notes fast enough!

If you are interested in adoption, if you're in the process of adoption or if you've already adopted and want to be plugged in with other like minded people but couldn't make the summit...listen live!

He'res the link...

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to get the kids to work independently on stuff so that I could listen in :)  Hopefully I'll get to listen some more today.

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