Friday, February 17, 2012

Great Backyard Bird Count!

 Taking a break today from our adoption posting...we are doing some nature study at our house.

Things have been busy around here...but its nice to post about one of our favorite little nature things that we try to do each school year...The Great Backyard Bird Count!  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology puts this together a couple times a year.  The kids are able to print lists of birds for our area and then do a "bird watch" for 15 min.  We identify what birds and how many of each species and then turn our tally sheets in to Cornell.  We can actually do this several times at different locations for the next few days and send them  all our results.  It helps them to watch the health and habits of the birds in our area.  

 This is the site:
Or you can just look up "Great Backyard Bird Count 2012"

The kids love it...we end up learning a lot of species that we didn't know or noticing birds that come through that we hadn't identified yet.  Our new house definitely has different birds to count than our old house. 

This has been an awesome way for the kids to study nature as well as become more attentive to what is around them. 

We are sick here at our house its going to be a lot of hot tea, a lot of naps, and a lot of bird counting & field guides :)

P.S.  >>>>  If you happen to read this today, please say a little prayer for Dan today...he has a very special prayer request that could use some added prayer- thanks!


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