Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots of activity around here!


  I haven't posted in a few days because we've been away on a family field trip to Charleston, SC.
We've studied the Civil War a bit this year and we promised to take the kids to Fort Sumter in Charleston so they could stand where the Civil War officially started. 

We took a really nice boat tour over to the island and the National Park Ranger at the Fort really knew his stuff so it was really enjoyable. 

While we were in Charleston, we hit the SC Aquarium...

I have LOTS more pictures to eventually post about this little homeschooling trip but I've finally been given the "official" go-ahead from Dan to post something pretty important...

Drum roll, please.........................

Dan has been given a job offer and has accepted the new position!  He went to work today and handed in his two week notice!  Dan has a new job, folks!

We are pretty excited around here!  We are so incredibly thankful to Our Lord for His abundant blessings on our family.  And I am very blessed to have a hard-working and incredibly talented husband :)

More pictures of our field trip as well as more job info. to come :)

Happy Monday!


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