Sunday, June 17, 2012

Yet another reason why I am blessed

Hi all,

still pretty sick, but I wanted to take a couple minutes to thank the person that continues to bless me year after husband, Dan.  Every Father's Day,  I am reminded how incredibly blessed I am to have such a faithful, devoted and hard working husband.  We've been married almost 11 yrs. now and he's still working at it...still trying to improve and be a better husband.  He doesn't golf or have any major hobbies right now that would pull him away from his family every weekend...he's here, home with his children and being present for them with all of his time.   Don't get me wrong...he's an amazing guy with many talents and interests...he should really have a whole bunch of hobbies right now, but he works really hard to prioritize right now while his kids and wife need him.  He has lots of things he wants to do...but knows he can do them when the kids are older.  He puts others first.  He's made his interests and hobbies things like our homestead...things he can teach the kids and do with them and pass on traditions and heritage to them as they grow older.   What a blessing...

Here we are with 4 crazy kids...great kids, but busy and active none the less and he happily gives his life for them.  Most professionals he knows already think he's crazy for having 4 children...and here we are adopting a special needs child and oh yeah...also pregnant.  That will make the world's standards, its way too much work and too much responsibility.  But I am blessed with a husband that lights up with happiness when he learns that I'm pregnant.  Even after all these kids.  I'm blessed with a husband that thinks pregnancy is beautiful.  I'm blessed with husband that actually loves infants...he's actually a big mush-ball when he gets around an infant.

In this world of materialism, selfishness and lack of respect for the value of family...I am giving thanks today for the Father in our house that blesses our family each and every day.

Our children are so blessed to have such an amazing Dad.  And until their old enough to really get that, I'll just have to be the one to bring it up :)

Happy Father's Day, hon...I love you!

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  1. WHOA---HOLD UP. You're PREGNANT? Kimberly I'm SO EXCITED! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a feeling that might happen as soon as things were in order for y'all to adopt! lol! That is SO COOL. LOVE YOUR GROWING FAMILY! Wish I could see more of you. God bless you all! We are praying for you!