Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our amazing boy...

Wow, ever since we gave God our "Yes!" and stepped out in faith to adopt a little boy we have never met from across the ocean, God just keeps sending us little reassurances that we have honored His call and that He is helping us through this.  Our hearts have been falling in love with a little picture from 4 months ago and few videos that had been watched a million times.  We've hoped and we've prayed and we've trusted that this little guy would fit in our family in just the right way...we knew God would work it all out...we trusted.  Good or bad, we would serve our God and we would love this little boy.  That would be enough for us.   But sure enough, God has given us another little gift.  We received some updated pictures and info. about our little boy.  And we are more in love than ever!!  He sounds amazing and we are aching to bring him home as soon as we can.

Look at this little guy!  He has stolen our hearts :)

It is so hard to love a little boy in another country as your own and know that you are depending on orphanage workers to love that child for months and months until you can go and get them.  You hope and you pray that he's being loved each and every day.  You pray that he will be able to overcome the years in an orphanage and be able to bond and attach to you as his parents.  You are sad for the years they have missed out on the security of family and close knit love in the arms of their very own mama.

There are "good" orphanages and there are bad ones.  Even a good orphanage is not a family.  It never can be.  

This little guy has a spark.  I wish I could post these pictures larger for you to see...try clicking on the photos and I think it will show an larger version of the photo. He just has this amazing light in his eyes.  In his two years of life in an orphanage, he still has a spark of joy in him.  We desperately want to bring him home before the years in an orphanage start to dampen that spark of his.  And trust me, folks...if left in an orphanage to eventually age out into a mental institution he will most certainly lose that beautiful spark. 

  Please, if you'd like to help bring our boy home, there are several things you can do.  We have puzzle pieces for sale and we have T-Shirts for sale.  Maybe your family can't adopt right now but you'd like to help a family that is.  Maybe you'd like to collect loose change as a family and donate it to bringing Joseph home?  Maybe your planning to have a yard sale anyway and would like to donate the proceeds from the sale to bringing him a family?  We've had people mention selling things on E Bay for us...whatever God might be calling you to.  

It is hard to ask for help, but I also know that this little boy is waiting for us.  Each and every day he waits.  And God calls His body to work together to accomplish His will.  So I will put my pride aside and ask for help so that this little boy can come home while he still holds such an incredible light in him.

We also want to say thank you to those that have already so thoughtfully helped us with funds to bring Joseph home.  Little by little,  it will all add up!  Thank you so much!


  1. He is so beautiful! I love the spiral cowlick right in front! So so sweet! I keep your family and Joseph in my prayers!

    1. Thank you, Becki...we appreciate all the prayers we can get :)

  2. SOOOOO SWEET!! He's absolutely adorable!!

  3. What a blessing to get new pictures and see him sitting outside getting fresh air and sunshine! He's super cute!!