Thursday, July 5, 2012

He knows what He's doing...

Trying to post something recently has been hard.  I haven't had morning sickness like this since my first pregnancy 11 yrs. ago.  My last three pregnancies I felt pretty good.  I actually love being pregnant...usually.  This one has been hard.  And I have definitely had moments of wondering what the heck we are doing trying to internationally adopt and be pregnant at the same time.  Maybe we were giving ourselves too much credit?  Were we being reasonable?  Can we REALLY DO THIS?  I mean, we have so much fundraising to do for this adoption and right now I can barely move off the couch.  I'm in survival mode.  I want so badly to be working hard and raising the funds to bring Joseph home...and right now, I just can't do much other than hunker down with my family and trust that God is going to work all this for His glory.

  Thankfully, God has been very good to me the past week.  He has whispered to my heart and reassured me that I just need to love well and have faith.  He is with me.  He has planned all this and He knows what He is doing.  This is a difficult time, but it will pass.  The evil one loves to confuse and discourage...but we know the truth and we are holding tight to God's promises.  God loves children.  God opened our hearts to adoption and sent us Joseph and we will do what we have to do to go get him.  Children are a blessing.  God chose to bless us with a pregnancy now and not during the years that we would have thought we would have gotten pregnant.  His timing.  

So...there you have it.  God is good, He knows what He's doing and I'm trying my best to sit back and let Him run this.  On most days, I'm certainly not doing it very graciously...but I'm trying :)



  1. Hang in there Kim! We are praying for you all.

  2. I love this post! You are abundantly blessed...he Lord will see you through it all.