Tuesday, July 24, 2012

He has a Family!

Wow...I don't even know what to say!  It was the nicest little gift to wake up this morning to see on Julia's blog that "Igor" listed on Reece's Rainbow has made it to the "My Family Found Me" page on their site!!  If you don't follow Reece's Rainbow, it might be a little hard to explain the sheer delight it is to see the kids you've watched for so long, ones you've prayed for and thought of every day finally have a family choose them as their own and take that leap to commit to them.

Igor has definitely been one of those kids that I have loved and thought of for quite awhile.  You can't look through the children listed on Reece's Rainbow without feeling a connection to many of them.  Wow, I love that "My Family Found Me" Page!!  Igor, your family is coming to get you!

If you've never gone and looked at the beautiful kids listed on Reece's Rainbow....please do.  They are there waiting for someone to notice them...for someone to realize how special they are and bring them home.  Even if you can't adopt, go there and see their faces.  They will steal your heart.  Go and put a face with your idea of "orphan" so that you will know who to pray for.

Our family is a prayer warrior for a boy named Russell through Reece's Rainbow.  We have committed to praying for him as a family.  It occurred to us that everyone has pictures of their kids around their home...and Russell would most likely never have his picture on display anywhere.  So he does now.  His picture is up on our frig with the rest of our kids.  And we pray for him daily.

Go and see who touches your heart and calls you to pray for them...


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