Friday, July 20, 2012

Random overdue summer pics...

 our baby bluebirds

Beans from the garden

Faith Camp at church...all four of my amazing kids went for the first time this year.  So strange to actually have "the littles" old enough to go to their own class!

Chicken clinic for the boys.  They had to learn what would be expected of them for their first Country Fair Chicken Showing in September.

Some surprising blooms in the yard...the previous owners jammed so many different flowering plants into this one area that we're constantly waiting to see what will come up next :)

And last but not least...our chickens :)  They are getting really big!  We had a dear Friend and Godmother of my little girl come and "chicken sit" for us while we were away...thank you, Sofia!  It was nice to know the girls were being taken care of!  They should start laying in the next 4-5 weeks so I've been stocking up on cartons.  We even had a sweet man that lives in town offer to give us 7 of his chickens because he has too many.  They are white ones with feathers on their feet...I looked them up and I found one woman who called her chickens of that type her "Frodo Chickens!"  Needless to say, our Lord Of The Rings reader is totally sold on taking them :)  We'll see...

I'll be posting trip pictures soon!




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