Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yard sale prepping...

Plans for today...spend A LOT of time in the carport sorting through heaps and mounds of donated yard sale items for our Fundraising yard sale.  Seriously people...I'm drowning in stuff!  I had to have Dan put together some make-shift tables out of saw horses and spare wood because I just didn't know how to get things sorted out enough to make people interested in buying things.  Now that I have some more tables to display stuff on, I've got a lot of work to do!

Please pray for a successful yard sale on Saturday. 
If your local, please come by and support us by browsing the yard sale or maybe buying some baked goods or lemonade!  Saturday 8-11am!  Hope to see you there!

Please also pray that we will get some details worked out about being able to do some fundraisers through our church in the near future.  With the addition of this pregnancy during our adoption, we will no longer fit in our mini-van when both the baby and Joseph are added.  Plus the additionally unexpected costs of maternity care and labor...well, I'm trying not to worry...I know God knew about all of this beforehand and He has a plan.  I'm just having a hard time not being concerned as a lot of money goes out and not much comes in.

 I know many people probably thought we should have stopped our adoption of Joseph when we found out we were pregnant.  We had a few people assume that we were no longer adopting.  But we gave God our "Yes!" and we're trying to keep our word.  Joseph needing a home doesn't change just because we get pregnant. When you make that leap and commit to a child, its like there is a permanent space there in your family and in your heart that is waiting for that family member.  We can't wait to bring him home!  Yes, it will be harder and more expensive but we're doing our best to trust that God has a marvelous way of helping us through this.  I fail daily as far as worrying...but I'm trying :)

Back to work for me!

P.S.  I forgot to mention that we mailed out our I800A!!  Another step in the right direction to getting Joseph home :) 

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