Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Getting back to it...First Day of School

We had our first official day back to school yesterday...yes, we learn all the time,  but it was still really nice to get some more order back into our day! 

We've moved the learning space to a different room in hopes that it would be a better spot for concentration.  It still needs a lot of work...I'm hoping for a nature display area, some gutter shelves for library books and littles books and I still have to get our timeline figures back up on our timeline since we moved it to the new learning room.

I still have a ton of living history books to order...its really weird to be starting school without a huge pile of engaging history chapter books to read since that is usually what we base our school year around.  But I had a hard time finding resources for this year until recently...so we'll start with some other subjects for the next week or two until our history books come in.

The kids got up and did a few subjects in our new school room...sorry, no actual pics of school time since I was juggling 4 of them in there!  Usually I wouldn't do school with my 5 yr. old but with two big brothers, she is ready and determined to learn!  The 3 1/2 yr. old cannot be left out of anything that the 5 yr. old does so everyone is in the learning room doing something!

We got a lot accomplished for our first day back so the littles celebrated by making some brownies with me and we spend some time out in the pool in the afternoon.

We finished off our day with an evening nature hike at a local state park.  It definitely feels like we're doing the right thing when our first day back includes a nature hike, notebooks and colored pencils :)  My kids love nature study and it was nice to have it as part of our first day back.

 So there you have it...not a perfect day...nobody really has perfect days...afterall, our van did over heat on the way home from the nature hike and one of my children was a little less than cooperative during the day...but its all good.  I love my kids and I love learning with them and it did turn out to be a really good day.  I am definitely looking forward to a school year at home with my kids!

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