Sunday, October 13, 2013



Went and did our pumpkin picking this weekend...all the kids got to ride the wagon around the farm, pick pumpkins, have strawberry slushies and hang out to play at the farm for awhile.  We've all decided that we'd like to try our hand at growing our own pumpkins...we've never done that before but this farm had some really cool varieties of pumpkin that had overgrown into some pretty neat shapes.  The boys want to grow some like that so they can paint or carve some interesting things with them.  Hopefully next year.

Joseph did great with his first pumpkin picking trip.  He was quiet for the whole wagon ride but then cried A LOT when we got off so he was definitely letting us know that he didn't want it to end!  He really liked playing in the sandbox, too.

Sorry for the lack of posts...I've been barely keeping my head above water with a lot of things going on right now.  Joseph is now doing PT, OT and speech therapy and I hope to post progress about all of that soon.  Especially with it being respect life month and Down syndrome awareness month...hopefully I can squeeze some more time to get on here more often.  I have so much to report and so much to say about the blessing that Joseph is to our family.  

Hopefully more soon!

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