Friday, November 1, 2013

Quick update

It seems like I'm never going to get the time to write a proper update here...even though I very much want to.  I had such grand plans for posts I wanted to write throughout October for Respect Life Month as well as Down Syndrome Awareness's so fitting that the two are focused on in the same month.  But instead God has called me to the trenches this past month.  I've been filled to the brim with life's work, which happens to be quite challenging right now.  There just seems to be so much to do and just not enough of me to do it all.  It's a season...and I'm looking forward to Advent and a new Advent book by Ann Voskcamp to help put things back in proper order.

Joseph has been home 4 months now...

And I can't even describe how very much we all love him....he's a Perry...and that's pretty much all there is to it.  The kids tell me daily how much they love "the babies" (Joseph and Emmeline are known as the babies....the boys are "the bigs" and Lilly and Matthias are "the littles."  The kids humble me every day with how they care about him.  He is still banging his head...and the kids take good care to make sure they intervene and protect his little head from getting hurt.  They even take turns doing these compression movements on him that are designed to give him the sensory imput that he is looking for when he bangs his head.  It seems to work...and the kids are so attentive to him and his need for this.  It's beautiful to watch your kids happily care for others.

There is so much to write about Joseph...he's doing PT, OT and speech now.  Learning so much every week.  Feeding is still our biggest issue right now.  We may be re-visiting the idea of a g-tube with our pediatrician if some of our new feeding ideas do not bear any fruit this coming month.  Our pediatrician kept holding us off on the g-tube but our last visit in to see him had even the pediatrician thinking that it might be time to finally take that step.  Praying we make some improvements in eating this month.  Pray with us?

Emmeline is 9 months....can you believe it?

Pure joy.  Seriously....this kid just oozes happy all over the place.  She makes our family so much better;). I just wish she'd slow down for awhile and stay little for me.

That's all I have time for right now.  Hopefully more soon on all the kids...and more specifics about Joseph and how he's doing.

Have a blessed day on this feast of All Saints!

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