Wednesday, November 13, 2013

She'd follow him anywhere

These two are like to little peas in a pod.  Joseph has grown from just tolerating Emmie to seeming to like her around.  He will even reach out every once and awhile and give her a good head squeeze kind of hug...which always startles and excites Emmie.  See...she loves this little guy. She'd be thrilled if he would love on her like she would like to love on him.  She follows him everywhere he goes around the house.  She can be playing with something but if she sees him travel away, she stops what she's doing to follow him.  Always.  She's his little shadow.  She's really quite attached to him which is surprising because he doesn't really interact with her a whole lot.

She just seems to like the comfort of having him nearby ;)


  1. Thanks for brightening my day with this super sweet tidbit. They are just way too cute!!!