Friday, September 21, 2012

A Great Big Thank You!

I was just looking through the kids listed on Reece's Rainbow and looking to see what category our family sponsorship page with them was listed on...under the "Sponsor a family" menu, they move you from "New Commitments" to "Working on your homestudy" to "Compiling your dossier" etc.  Since we'd finished our dossier, I was curious to see if we'd be listed under the next step, which is actually titled "Almost there"...yup, its actually called "Almost there" sounds so silly, but its pretty amazing to see us in a category of "almost there." 

Anyway, I'm getting off track here!  I went to our sponsorship page which has read $75 now for months and was so excited to see that we now have $110 in there!  Woohoo!!   Wanna see it?  Here it is... I know its only an additional $35 dollars, but every little bit counts!  It means the world to us to have the financial support.  It can be pretty discouraging to see your sponsorship page sit stagnant and not be increasing while you're getting closer and closer to a travel date.  But this was a nice little blessing and we'll keep praying that these blessings keep coming!

 I don't know who actually donated to our account but I hope they know how incredibly thankful we are that they noticed Joseph and our family and took the time to share like that with us.  Thank you!!!  Please, if you'd like to have some puzzle pieces on our puzzle fundraiser with your name on it, please leave a comment or email me at so we can remember how you helped bring our boy home!  And we also try to pray daily for those that have donated, so we'd love to do that for you as well.
Thank you again for donating and for the encouragement it gives our family :)


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