Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini Update

Hi all,

  I only have a few minutes since we have a full day of cleaning and errands to get done today. 

Family Life update:
  Things have been busy...we had our second co-op meeting yesterday for homeschooling.  This is a new co-op for the kids and I this year and they all seem to love it.  I'm teaching a group of first graders and all my kids have their own little class they go to...its been good for them this year. 

  The boys had their official 4-H chicken show last night!  They have worked so hard to learn about and raise their own chickens and I couldn't be prouder of them.  I will post a post about that with pictures as soon as I get a chance.

Adoption update: 
  Our dossier (the huge pack of official paperwork that needs to be done and sent to the country you are adopting from) is now finished!  It has joyfully been sent to our international adoption agency and they have sent it over to Joseph's country.  It will then be translated into their language and we are officially waiting for Joseph's government to process everything and be given permission to travel.  Its just a guess at this point, but our agency's best guess at traveling would be 3 months from now.  That could be wrong, but that's the guess.  That puts us at early to mid Decemeber.  Please pray for us as we trust in the Lord's timing on this...I want so much to be able to go see Joseph's country, his orphanage, what his day-to-day life looks like but its probably going to be a last minute decision whether I am too pregnant to travel, whether its too risky, whether we should postpone travel a little while and take an infant with us....we'll just have to see how it all plays out.  But no matter what...he is a part of our family and when its all said and done he'll finally be home :)  Can't really argue with that, right?  :)

The need to fundraise, though, is something that is a definite!  We have a few months and a lot of money to raise.  We are working on something for our church to try to raise awareness and support for our adoption but we could use all the help we can get!  Please spread the word about our adoption and help us raise the funds to bring Joseph home!  Maybe your family wants to collect loose change and spare money in a jar and donate it?  Interested in having a yard sale and donating the proceeds?  Do you design or make something that could be sold for the cause of bringing Joseph home?  Every little bit counts!

Many blessings to everyone this weekend...and thank you for following along with our family as we bring our little boy home!

:) Kimberly

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