Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chicken Show Post and fitting a full life in one little blog

Its hard to balance lots of family life with the kids at home and our adoption efforts all on one blog!  I know I should probably have a separate blog for just adoption stuff, but I just don't think I could keep it up.  Every time I get on here, I want to write something about our adoption...and I feel like people check in here to find out how our adoption is going....or they check in to read about our adventures with homesteading, chickens or homeschooling...and its awfully hard to make it all fit in a nice box.

 I guess that's life, right?  Its big and involved and not easily fit into a nice little box!  So hopefully people won't mind too much that I switch back and forth between my beautiful kids, our schooling,  homesteading and our adoption.   And since my oldest son wanted to know if I was going to be posting any of them on the blog anytime soon (he knows Gramma and Auntie Sofia both check this blog and see the pictures of them) I figured I better post some long overdue pictures of the boys' 4-H Chicken Show!

Let me just say that I could not possibly be prouder of my boys than I was after this chicken show.  They have worked so hard...since their chickens were 1 day old, to spend time with them and make them the great chickens that they are now.  They're our pets and its not unusual to look out one of our windows and see a boy carrying his feathered friend around the yard with him while he plays.  They love those chickens.

Gabriel actually won best of his breed and age group!  He got a little check and everything.  We were so happy for him.  Elijah was not quite old enough to really enter that part of the competition, which was sad for him, but he did great and they both came home with ribbons for all their hard work!  The boys are even splitting Gabe's check since they both worked so hard and they both earned it for their teamwork in taking care of their birds.

  I love living in the country :)

Waiting to be called to show his chicken...

 Elijah demonstrating his chicken to the judge...

 Gabriel waiting to show his chicken...

Gabriel showing his chicken...

Gabriel with his blue ribbon chicken!  The judge asked him a lot of questions and he really did a great job!

 Elijah with his chicken...he specifically requested that his chicken be able to wear the ribbon in the picture since, as he put it, "she's the one that worked so hard for it"  :)  Love that boy!

The proud boys with their show birds...

Congratulations to my little chicken farmers!  I guess we're on to goats now???  :)
Elijah seems to think he's up for milking twice a day... :)

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