Saturday, January 26, 2013


Hi all,

  I've tried to post a few times since my last post but we're having some computer problems so its been hard to get a post written up and published...sorry about that.  Yes, we made it down to Columbia and back and got all our paperwork finished and sent out for Joseph's adoption...feeling very happy about that!  No, we haven't had this little one due date was yesterday, so we're really just waiting for everything to happen ;)

We'll keep you posted on when we're having this baby! 

We also have all these pictures and experiences from visiting Joseph that we haven't even had a spare minute to share here on the of the village, the city, some pretty interesting restaurants that we went to, a beautiful Cathedral that we toured in Joseph's city etc.  Between Christmas, weeks of the flu and then preparing for baby, we just haven't been able to share those things here.  We might just have to do some shuffling back and forth between newborn baby posts and posts of our trip!

Have a great weekend...

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