Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seven months already...

It's hard to believe that she turned seven months just a couple days ago.  Seven months.  She was God's little gift to us.  At the beginning of our adoption process, we thought about adopting a girl.  Our oldest daughter was our only girl.  She has three amazing brothers that she loves dearly...but still, it would be nice for her to have a sister. We knew we were called to adopt and also knew that girls are much more often chosen for adoption than boys are.  It's just a fact.  And kids with special needs are chosen even if your a boy and you have specials've got quite an uphill battle against you in finding a family.  When Joseph's picture and video were handed right to us, we knew he was the one.  But that also meant no adopted sister for Lilly.  We actually debated adopting another child along with Joseph...a girl if God placed one on our hearts.  

Then a month after officially committing to adopt Joseph, we found out we were pregnant!  We were shocked.  Most people thought we would have to place our adoption on hold and un-commit to Joseph.  But God had orchestrated everything just perfectly so that we were with a particular adoption agency that actually determines whether you can continue with your adoption after becoming pregnant on a "case per case" basis.  And they agreed we could continue.

I knew God had provided our little girl.  A sister for our daughter.  But she has been so much more.  She has taught me to surrender more.  To trust our Lord (I'm still working on this daily...) and to walk with him through all things.  It's been a special priviledge to witness to the blessing of adoption while also being pregnant and having another child.  Adoption is not something reserved for infertile is something that was designed by God himself and will bless ANY family large or small that is willing to make just a little more space in their lives for a little one that desperately needs the love of a family.  We are so thankful for Joseph.  And we are also incredibly thankful for our little Emmeline.

Some people might think it was crazy to adopt while being open to biological children as well.  But how could we ever choose to leave Joseph where he was just so our lives would be easier?  

And how could anyone say that this beautiful little girl was not yet another amazing gift from a loving God? 

God knows what he's doing.  And we are blessed to be working on "dying to self" so that we can welcome these little ones into our life.

Pure joy.  This little girl reminds me to stop and be happy in the midst of it all!

Seven months and already standing...she's definitely keeping me on my toes!
She's interested in everything, loves everybody and is so smart!
Can't imagine life without her :)

Whether your family is big or small...whether you're having difficulty having your own children or your house is bursting with little blessings of your own...can't you find room for one more?  God just might have an adoptive child in mind for you.  Or He might have a homegrown little one He's looking to bless you with!

It's all good ;)


  1. Both of your new little ones are beautiful and precious. I just loved this post about being open to life and blessings. Thanks so much for writing it!!