Thursday, January 12, 2012

A litte reading for Dan & I...

A couple good adoption reads that Dan and I will be reading over the next week or two...

The Connected Child

and The Stength of Mercy by Jan Beazely who is the Cofounder of All God's Children International, which is a non-profit adoption ministry.

I've already started The Strenth of Mercy but had been waiting for the library copy of The Connected Child to come in.  It finally came!  So...that will definitely be evening reading for Dan and I.  We're both looking forward to learning more about the skills needed for international adoption.  Dan is even hoping to attend an all day adoption conference this month so he can get up to speed on all that I've already read and learned from other families' experiences.

As always, your prayers are appreciated as we open ourselves up to God's will for our family.
And while your praying,  please pray for "Isabelle"....that's not her real name, but a nickname given to her for her protection.  She is an orphan in Eastern Europe that has the most beautiful spirit...and desperately needs to be listed for adoption.  This girl deserves a family of her own.  Please pray she can be listed on Reece's Rainbow (an adoption awareness and grant raising organization for orphans in Eastern Europe)  so she has a chance of finding a family.

More on Reece's Rainbow in a later post...


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