Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trading Cards Art Project

Another homeschooler and blogger named Kimberly hosted a Saints Trading Cards art swap that we've wanted to try the past couple of times she's hosted one.  We finally got some done and we're able to participate!  Basically, anyone that wanted to participate needed to make 5 little pieces of artwork...each one depicting a saint.  We sent 5 as a family....Dan did one and the two boys each did two.  We sent them to Kimberly and she sent us 5 different little works of art that other people had made to trade.

The boys really enjoyed making them and also getting to see Dad's finished St. George!
My eldest made St. Clare and St. Gabriel and My second eldest made St. Basil and St. Francis.
And Dan had a little fun making St. George :)

Next time Kimberly is having one of the trading card swaps, I'll  try to post the deadline date and directions to participate on this blog.  Any age can participate...even younger children!
Its really fun getting other peoples' cards as well!  We got some really nice ones.



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