Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"The sanctitiy of ALL life...from conception to natural death"

Its January...the month that all christians recognize yet another anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the legalization of abortion in our country.  Many people will attend local "March for Life" rallies and even the national March for Life in Washington D.C.   We have done these things and have loved being able to be a part of them.

This is a time when you will hear about the importance of the "sanctity of ALL life...from conception to natural death."  Our family has prayed for the end of abortion.  We have taken the kids and stood outside abortion clinics and prayed for the closing of their doors, the conversion of their hearts, and for the healing of all those that enter there.   The idea of the sanctity of ALL life from conception to natural death covers so much....and it is heavy on our hearts as we grow as a family and learn the plight of the special needs orphans of other countries.  The children with special needs in Eastern Europe are precious in His sight and deserve dignity and love.  We have such a tendency as society to value people by their usefulness...if they are not wealthy or beautiful or useful by this worlds' standards...if they cannot do something for us, make our lives better or easier then they are a "burden".  Oh,  if we just knew our worth and the worth of the "least of these!" Those in need cause us to give, to sacrifice in ways that can bring about a joy in us that only God can create!  God is in these needy, little ones and whether we realize it or not...we ALL are searching for God.

There are many special needs children over the months that have touched our hearts...many that we pray for regularly...many that my kids have thought lovingly of and have prayed for each day.  Kids get it...we can learn so much from them.  We hope to use the blog not only for ourselves, but to also highlight amazing kids that are in need of families.

This is Isabella..

thats not her real name, but that doesn't much matter.  This picture doesn't do her justice...she is amazing.  She, unfortunately, is barely existing in a "laying room" in Eastern Europe.  Most kids are available for adoption and have to wait for a family to choose them....Isabella hasn't even had the chance to be listed for adoption.  Probably because nobody thinks she's worth it...no one thinks she would be adopted.  So she waits...in a bed...24 hours a day.  She has been quoted as saying the best parts of her day are when they change her bed and when they eat.  That's not asking for much...She is one of the only kids in this room that is able to communicate....and yet she calls all the other children "her friends"...she is so social and loving and yet she is confined to this bed.

There was a wonderful missionary who visited with her...took video to share with others.  I've seen this video and let me tell you...this child is Beautiful...like break your heart, this child would be a blessing to any family who called her their own kind of blessing.  She is funny, engaging, sweet, smart and deserving of the dignity of a home and family of her own.  Please pray that she is given the chance to be listed for adoption.  

This is Maxim...

What can I say about Maxim...he is too funny for words.  I've followed him through two different missionaries now and he's always been one of the kids the struck my heart.  He needs a family.  He IS listed for adoption and has a grant set up for him through Reece's Rainbow.


From all the videos and pictures I've seen, he is funny, sweet, has an amazing laugh and needs a family!

During this month of January...please pray for all the unborn, the terminally ill, the sick, the dying and the special needs orphans as well...that all may be loved as we would love Christ himself.


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