Thursday, November 8, 2012

donation and waiting...

Wanted to say "Thank you" to whoever the thoughtful person was that put another $50 in our Reece's Rainbow fund!  Thank you so very much for donating to this adoption.  We can't wait to get Joseph home and your donation will help with that.  Thank you for being so generous :)

Contacted our adoption agency contact yesterday and tried to find out why we haven't heard a single thing about our verbal referral.  Basically, we're still waiting.  Ugh.  Our agency was going to try contacting our in- country agency/facilitator (the agency and facilitator in Joseph's country) and at least get us an update of what's going on.  We'll see if we hear anything or not...

Our breakfast fundraiser in this Saturday...hoping to raise lots of funds to bring our little man home!
I'll post pictures and info. about how it went after the breakfast!

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  1. I pray you will get your verbal approval soon. I know how hard it is to wait and wait and hear nothing.