Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank you!

A huge "thank you" to whoever donated recently to our Reece's Rainbow donation fund!  Another $100 dollars!  What a blessing!  With all the planning and costs right now as we prepare to make our first trip to Joseph's country, we are SO appreciate the financial support!  There is just SO much that goes into international adoption...and having generous people help with raising the ransom takes one more obstacle out of our way as we do all that we need to do to bring Joseph home. 

We leave in 1 1/2 weeks to meet our sweet boy!  Please, if you feel called to help our family, we would greatly appreciate a donation to our Reece's Rainbow account.  The full cost of our adoption will be around $25,000.  So far, all the costs that we've listed on the left hand side of our blog (a little over $8,000) are costs that we've paid on our own.  We will be taking all of our donated money and using that for all our agency fees that we still need to pay as well as getting Joseph's visa (that alone is $230), food and lodging for us in-country etc.  Plus, we'll still have our second trip to pick up our little man and with that will come all the costs of flights, food, lodging etc.   Please know how grateful we are for each and every donation and that your generous donations are going to be put to the best use possible to bring our little boy home!

I guess I'm just trying to say thank you!  And please continue to donate or let others know about our need so that we can raise what we need to bring our little man home to his family!  I know there are lots of things to spend money on right now...but I can't think of anything more important than saving the life of a little boy who needs a family....just sayin'   ;)

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