Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nature hikes and fort building...

"The Sense of Beauty comes from Early Contact with Nature."
-Charlotte Mason  (Vol 1, II, Out-Of-Door Life For The Children, p.68 )

"Children should be made early intimate with the trees, too; should pick out half a dozen trees, oak, elm, ash, beech, in their winter nakedness, and take these to be their year-long friends."
- Charlotte Mason (Vol 1, II, Out-Of-Door Life For The Children, p.52)

These are some pictures from a nature hike/woods day we spent a week or two ago...
The kids and I tend to be terrible at identifying trees (bugs we're great at...trees, not so much :) ) so we tried to work on that skill while we were out on our hike.  It was great to be out with the kids, exploring and observing.  I need to remind myself, eventhough I'm getting quite big and pregnant, how very much we all enjoy days like these!
Hopefully tomorrow we can get out for another day like this one.

Post coming soon about my boys and their trophy winning chickens :)  Yup, they actually won several first place blue ribbons and even a trophy at their chicken auction!  So proud of my little farmers :)

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