Sunday, June 23, 2013


Cathedral of St. Joseph
 So today I had to make it so church and yesterday I had scoped out what I thought was the Catholic church nearby.  I gave myself 45 minutes to walk to the church before Mass.  When I arrived at the church, it was still locked, a local guy tried to strike up a conversation with me.  Being American, I couldn't communicate in his Bulgarian or Spanish- but I did my best with Google translate on my iPod.  Turns out I was at the wrong church, so I scrambled to find out where I had gone wrong in my search, and found that I didn't walk far enough down the road to the Catholic church.

Inside the Cathedral
 Even with my mistake I was able to make it to Mass for 9am.  Following the Mass in Bulgaria was tough, but I muddled through.

Church near the open air market
After Mass I went for a walk and came across an open air market.  All kinds of fruit and veggies, dried fruit, clothes and some other stuff.  There was an Orthodox church nearby and it was playing their Mass out through the speakers on the outside in the market.  It sounded beautiful.

After my walk I headed back to the hotel and hung out with Joseph.  He's doing okay with the medicines the doctor prescribed him.  I forgot to mention that when I brought him in, the doctor had me weight him twice, she couldn't believe that he only weighted 21 pounds.   Tomorrow I bring him in for his official medical examination and get his photo and application put in for his Bulgarian passport.

Spending time with Joseph
View from our room

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