Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finally Here

Well, after nearly 24 hours of traveling I've made it to Bulgaria.  The flights were pretty good and my only difficulty was having to go through security a second time in DC for no reason...
So Kim asked for me to take a lot of pictures, so here are some moments I captured so far...
A selfie of me in Frankfurt, waiting for a connection

Arriving at Varna International ;)

A shot while waiting for my attendent, the hills in the distance are what struck me.

After grabbing some dinner I walked around the cathedral again

One thing I like about Varna is all the little courtyards that people have, this looked particularly peaceful with the grape trellis.
So I'm pretty tired after my travel and I have a really big day tomorrow.  I hope that Joseph likes getting broken out and that I can make this transition period as easy as possible for him.


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  1. Hooray! So glad Dan got there safely. We'll be praying he gets some well deserved rest and he and Joseph have a very good, special day tomorrow. :)Can't wait to hear about Joseph's Gotcha Day.