Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gotcha Day

Wow, after such a long wait it was great to finally get Joseph out of the orphanage; for good!

He's been great, cuddly and calm, and has only fussed when something is wrong.  After picking him up we drove from Varna to Sofia, ~7 hours with stops.  Joseph was great the whole time and only started getting fussy during the last hour of the drive.

My challenges have mostly about what to feed him- The orphanage workers said that he'd eat everything put in front of him as long as it's pureed.  I've found that this isn't the case and he a little more picky then I was lead to believe; making find food for him a little tricky.

The other problem is that Joseph left the orphanage sick.  He had some congestion the day I picked him up; and it only got worst throughout the day.  Since I was more concerned about food and liquids, it kinda got put on the back burner.  When he woke he was worse and I thought he had a fever too, I decide to call my attendant to get him looked at.  

The doctor told me that it was good that I brought him in, he has a viral infection and I caught it early enough that it shouldn't pose much of a risk, but that if it had been left untreated it could have gotten really bad given Joseph's general poor health.

I don't know when Joseph would have seen a doctor If I didn't, it just goes to show that a family that cares is  the best place for a child.
Finally broke him out!

Getting use to the seat belt

Joseph took a little nap during the drive

A monument celebrating Bulgaria's 1300th birthday, built by the Socialists

I'm getting really bored Dad!

So we're hanging out at the hotel getting rest and eating what we can, and I'm glad I'm his Dad.


  1. It's so good to see his pictures and see him out of the orphanage forever and with his Dad! I hope he feels better and eats and drinks better soon!

  2. We are so excited and happy that Joseph is on his way home to be with you all--his forever family!! Can't wait to meet him!