Friday, June 21, 2013

Spoke with them...

From Kim:

We finally got to video chat with Dan and Joseph!  It was so nice to see them both...Joseph looks good...and desperately in need of a good haircut!  He was crawling all over the hotel bed, looking pretty happy...and he was hugging and curling up with was just so nice to see him looking content and being with his Daddy.  Its so exciting to see him OUT of the orphanage...its so different  seeing him out of that institutional type setting.  It's so good to know that he's out and he's with his Dad.  It sounds like he has some kind of upper respiratory thing going on...he's coughing a lot.  Luckily, he has a medical appointment on Monday.

 Dan said he did awesome on the long car ride and has really been handling all the changes really well.  His biggest concern right now is getting him to eat.  He really hasn't eaten much of anything today and hasn't drank anything.  He's already a pretty thin little guy...please pray that Dan finds what works to get him eating more.  When I spoke to him a few minutes ago, he was on his way to trying to get them both something to eat.

I'm sure Dan will be posting stuff as well once they get settled.  Today was a long day of car rides and getting to where they'll be staying for the week.  We'll put some pictures up soon!


  1. So happy for your family! Can't wait to see photos. What a wonderful day!!

  2. Just caught up on your posts. I'm so glad Joseph is with Dan now. I can't wait to see pictures! We'll be praying that he eats.

  3. That's so awesome! I hope your little guy feels better soon. Can't wait to meet him!!!

    When will they be home?