Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flying out in the morning...

   Its been a long day of settling my mom in and preparing our kids for our trip away.  It's really hard to leave them since they're not used to us ever going anywhere without them.  We're hoping that being able to skype with them every single day and planning some fun trips for them while we're away will help make the days go by faster for them.

Still scrambling around and preparing to leave early tomorrow morning.  Hoping to post some pictures of Joseph's country and the city's he's in sometime on Saturday.

Anyone notice what a big jump our Reece's Rainbow fund made?  We are so thankful!!  All the thanks go to our generous parish priest who so thoughtfully spoke about our adoption at church and also found us some donor money.  We are so grateful for his letting our church family know about our adoption and inviting them to help bring Joseph home.  We're hoping our Reece's Rainbow fund keeps growing!

Need to get ready to leave tomorrow...we'll post as soon as we can!


  1. Hope you have a great trip. I look forward to seeing pictures.

  2. Just saw this! The taxi will be here at 4:30 AM to being is to airport to head for home! Was windering what you had decided and thought you were leaving Saturday. Have a great trip, post LOTS, and stay warm :) Hugs to the 3 of ya!!!