Thursday, December 27, 2012


Sorry things have been so quiet here the past week or so...normally this time of year is anything but quiet for us, since we are usually enjoying lots of wonderful traditions that our family has grown into over the years.  We love this time of year and the familiarity and comfort of doing these same things with the kids each year. 

But this Christmas Season has been quite different.  After the kids got sick, Dan and I ended up with some kind of flu that knocked everything out of both of us.  I don't think I've ever been so sick before...ever.   After such a long trip home, we just couldn't fight it off and we've spent the last week trying to survive.  We are finally starting to feel like ourselves again (thank goodness!) and have been trying to reclaim some of those traditions to get our family back on track during this Christmas Season.

As much as I love the traditions we've started with the kids, I am thankful that even if we didn't do a single would be ok.  Christmas is about Jesus.  Christ came to save the world and we are blessed...sickness and all, traditions or no traditions....we still have joy!

So, now that we're finally feeling better we're doing some of those special things with the kids and continuing to celebrate the birth of Our Lord.  I'm so thankful that its not just one day but an entire season!  I'll try to post pictures as I get a chance.

And whenever I get a quiet moment or two...when the kids are playing...I sneak off to the computer to watch a video of Joseph or look through some of our pictures of him.

 I miss him a lot and wish he were here with us already...

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  1. Glad you're feeling better. I know just how you feel missing your little one. You've met him, held him, loved him in person...his place in your heart is even more real and solid, and you must wait. I'll be praying along as you wait to bring him home.