Monday, December 31, 2012

Gingerbread and Christmas Cakes

While we were away meeting Joseph, a very special family from our church was so thoughtful as to send a little gingerbread village set to our kids here at home.  We couldn't believe how sweet of a gesture that was!  Unfortunately, my mom was already pretty swamped with just watching over all the kids so it ended up being put up on a shelf till we got home. 

It worked out to be quite a blessing, though...when Dan and I got home and got incredibly sick, we really weren't feeling up for organizing any Christmas stuff with the kids so we were so thrilled to be able to take out the gingerbread set and have a fun activity for them all to do while Mom and Dad were feeling so ill.  It was perfect...thank you so much to that family...we are blessed by your friendship!

We also made our annual Christmas Cakes with the kids...usually we like to invite another family to join us in this tradition but with all the sickness going on we figured we better just make them ourselves this year.  Maybe now that we're feeling better we could make another batch during the Christmas season?

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