Tuesday, December 18, 2012


After about 21 hours of traveling, we finally arrived home last night about 11pm.
Sadly, all but one of our kiddos at home is pretty sick...and some of our kids insisted on staying up to welcome us home even though everyone has been feeling so bad.

So...now we rally up the kids here at home and try our best to comfort them while they're sick.  Its been a rough week for them with Mom and Dad away.  Our littlest had an already belated birthday to celebrate today but he's just too sick to enjoy doing that today...hopefully tomorrow.

We're totally exhausted...and we miss Joseph terribly...but we're home and our kids here need us.

We hope to post more once the kids are back to their usual crazy selves :)

Thank you for all the prayers...it was a difficult trip home and it was so good to know that people were praying for us.  Thank you, too, to those that are donating to our Reece's Rainbow fund...we are incredibly thankful.



  1. We have been praying for your safe return. So glad to know you made it. I'm so sorry to hear that your kids are sick now. Hopefully now that they have Mom and Dad home again they will recover quickly.

  2. So sorry your kids are sick. I know you miss Joseph, but hopefully it won't be too long before you travel to pick him up.