Sunday, April 29, 2012

The birthday boy and girl

We had a big party at our house yesterday for my eldest and my little girl.  Their birthdays are only one day apart. 

  I am very blessed to have this 10 year old that made me a mom...

and this amazing little girl that blesses me with another female in the house!

Thank you, Gramma Perry, for the real princess outfit!  Lilly loves it!

It was a really great day....several wonderful families from church and homeschooling came over to celebrate these birthdays with us.  We are so lucky to know nice people who take the time to celebrate our children with us...we were blessed with a very full house yesterday!  Thank you to everyone that made it very special for our kiddos.  And we're praying for some of our sick friends that couldn't make it...we missed you!


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