Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fine Arts Show

We had a little Fine Arts Show at church today...there was ballet and tap routines, piano players, guitar players, a little recitation, a little singing and an area for displaying student artwork. 

Dan sat down with the boys a few times to work on one piece each for them to do and display at the show.  It was a wonderful opportunity for him to take to the time to work on painting skills with the boys.  It was awesome to see them working with Dad and really learning to beautifully paint!

And here are the finished products of all their hard work...

This is Gabe's...

And this one is Elijah's...

We had art displayed at the show...

And Lilly was in a little tap and ballet routine...she had such a good time!  This girl LOVES to dance...truly loves it. 

So...everyone is happy.  The boys are very proud of what they were able to accomplish with the watercolors and some undivided attention and direction from Dad and Lilly got to dance her little heart out and then bring her costume home for many more months of dress up and ballet :)

Happy Sunday,


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