Monday, April 9, 2012


Happy Easter!

A few pictures...I didn't take pictures of all the baking- resurrection cookies, resurrection breakfast rolls, a cross cake...lots of special Easter activities but it was easier to not worry about taking pictures.  I purchased some nice Easter books for the kids' baskets and all of them got some quality art supplies and of course some pool items!   I did take some pictures after church and while the kids hunted for eggs...

Why a picture of Matthias in goggles, you ask?  Well, all the kids got goggles in their Easter baskets for the pool.  Lets just say Matthias thinks their super cool and hasn't wanted to take them off since he got them.

We made him put them away when we dressed up for church...and sure enough Dan looked over at him in the middle of Mass and he'd sneaked the goggles back on!  I can't imagine what the people around us thought of the three year old in his Easter best sporting goggles in church!  We snatched them off quickly, but who knows how long he had them back on :)

The littles egg hunting...

The big guys...hunting after the littles for the harder hidden eggs...

Still sporting the goggles :) 

The last egg to be found...hidden by me :)  Easy, but no one noticed it...
Hopefully I can make some time to be back with our "Garden of the Good Shepherd" Plans for the Easter Season.  It is an activity board with pieces that we use for the next 7 weeks to celebrate all of Easter.  We'll be planning themed snacks and crafts to go with each week.  More pictures to come of that over the next weeks.

Many blessings to you and your family as you celebrate these 50 days of the Easter Season!

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