Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Roses this Holy Week

Our rose bush is blooming...blood red roses...just in time for Holy Week.
I can't seem to look at them, and their thorns, without reflecting on my gratitude for the blood Our Lord shed for us at the end of this week.  Finding it an amazing blessing that these roses start blooming right in time for Holy Week. 

And just because we're a nature-loving homeschool family...I of course have to leave you with a picture of a little nature tidbit hidden down on the stems of this rosebush...the molted skins of the tent caterpillars that were dining on my roses before the boys re-located them for me...
Elijah was pretty excited to point these out to me...

 Doesn't everyone find it interesting to find molted caterpillar skins? :)

Happy Tuesday!

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