Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chicks and news...

Our homestead is official!  Our chicks are here!

Don't worry...I'm sure there will be LOTS more pictures of our newest additions to the homestead.

As far as adoption, we have some really great news to share with you all but it will need to wait till I can post tomorrow.  Its big, though, so make sure you check back :)  Right now, I've gotta go check the heat level on the chicks...and take a break...



  1. The chicks are super cute! Having talked with you today I'm guessing your adoption news will not shock me but I'll still be at the edge of my seat waiting for the official announcement. Can't wait!!

  2. Can't wait to hear(read) the news. Congrats on the chicks! Looking forward to coming to see them soon.