Monday, April 2, 2012

Brooder boxes and Ballerinas at the end of the rainbow

This past weekend Dan got materials for our two brooder boxes and started work on building them...

For those not raising chickens, the brooder box is what the day old chicks will go into until about  4-6 weeks of age.  Then they will move to the chicken tractors.  With our nice weather here, we might be able to move them to the tractors even earlier.  

 We also had a quick bit of rain.  We it cleared, there was a double rainbow across the sky.  My spunky little girl, in true Lilly style,  ran out into our front yard and yelled "Look!  I'm the ballerina at the end of the rainbow!!"  With all the St. Patrick's Day festivities last month going on around us, the idea of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was one that Lilly must have paid close attention to.  I guess she just decided that a ballerina at the end of the rainbow would be even better :) 

I wish I could have gotten a video of her....she was dancing and twirling all over the front yard...

My little ballerina at the end of the rainbow :)


  1. Kimberly, my daughter Emily and my dad just called me from Ann V.'s house in Canada, and Ann's signing one of her books especially for you, so grateful for your helping the Archers. Can you email me at with your mailing address?

  2. Love the rainbow picture! That is priceless!