Thursday, March 22, 2012

Around here...

It has been in the 80's around here!  So, we went against our common sense and opened the pool in March...seriously, yes we did.  Its hard to explain to the kids who are running around outside all afternoon why we have a pool but aren't opening it because its not the right time and its hot! We'll be seeing today whether anyone actually has the gusto to get in the pool...the water is still pretty cold!

We are in week 27 for school and I can't believe it.  Only 9 more weeks...technically.  This year has been pretty crazy with our move, gearing up our homestead and starting the adoption process.  I've got lots of living history books that I want us to cover so we're kicking it into over-drive with our reading and backing off the grammar and spelling for now.  You know you're reading great books for school when your sad that you've finished them.  I don't ever remember being sad to finish a textbook, do you? We've also been working on our writing quite a bit. 


 I'm trying to figure out how I can attend the Child Light Conference this year...this is an amazing Charlotte Mason Educational Conference that takes place every June.  I really need to go and get a good dose of inspiration and focus before I think about what to do for next year.


Things are blooming all over the place! This is a new house to us, so its fun to see what different trees and plants are going to do during different seasons of the year.  Things are popping up all over the place and I didn't have to plant them :)


Still adding compost to the garden...I really focused in on school this week so I never finished adding compost to the garden.  Hopefully that will get done.  


On the Homestead- plucking all the blooms and berries off the new plants so they'll get stronger and produce more in the long run.  Also learning about and waiting on our chicks.  One of my sons asked me to make him a calendar so he can count down the days till the baby chicks you think my kids are excited? 


Happy Thursday!


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