Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sprouts and blooms

Busy today...but thought I'd post a few photos...

Bradford Pear trees on the outskirts of our property are blooming...

 Our vegetable seeds are sprouting indoors and waiting to go in the garden bed. 
 Some more seed trays outside in the sun...I've got tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, broccoli, and basil growing.  I still need to find a non-hybrid, heirloom green pepper seed.   I've also got seeds for corn and beans waiting to be planted directly into the ground after the last frost date.  oh...and I picked up a few strawberry plants to stick on the outer edge of the garden just for fun for the kids.  We're excited about planting this year because we bought all heirloom quality seeds that are non-hybrid so we will hopefully learn how to collect seeds for re-planting next year.  We've never done this before but we're glad that we using quality seed.
 The garden bed...this is the before picture.   This was after I tilled it all up.   I have since separated it all out into sections and rows and mounds.  I've also added some compost to the rows to help improve the soil for planting.

Hoping that we can get some productivity out of this garden bed this spring/summer :)

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