Monday, March 19, 2012

Help bring Alyssa and Piper home!

Quick post...since its Monday and I need to get to our homeschooling  this morning...

  My dear friend, Michelle, is trying desperately to adopt and bring home two beautiful little girls from Eastern Europe.  They have opened their home to adoption many times already and are called again to adopt these two little ones:

They could really use some help with the next phase of their adoption...there are still a lot of costs left to pay before they finish this race to get their girls.  Michelle...bless her heart....has tried to auction off a vacation rental without any success.  They are also trying to coordinate fundraising with some other adopting families as well as organize a pancake breakfast at Applebees and she hasn't had too much luck with selling tickets for that, either.  MaryKay....she's offering that, too.  They are doing all they can to raise the funds and they could use some help.

They've come so far!  Dossier submitted....hopefully traveling sometime in May to meet the girls!

I'm sorry the above picure is not a link...

Here is their blog...please go visit them and give them some fundraising love, would ya?

Also, here is their page on Reece's Rainbow...

Your donations to the Reece's Rainbow grant page are tax deductable.

When I was full of adoption questions and just really needed a real person to bounce questions off of, Michelle was the one who came over and met me, a perfect stranger, to try to help ease our concerns and help us feel confident to press on into the world of adoption.  She is a great person.  And these girls are going to be blessed to join her family.


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  1. Aww thank you so much, Kimberly! I was just adding the Mary Kay link on my blog and say your updated post title, it caught me by purprise lol Thank you thank you thank you! Can't wait to see where God will lead you through your adoption!