Friday, March 9, 2012

Gardens & Tree Forts

Quick post... Finally got this back from the repair shop-

So we started tilling up the garden bed this evening before dinner!  Tilling a large garden bed is hard work!   Hoping to spend a lot of time tomorrrow getting it all tilled up.  It will be the biggest garden we've ever managed so we're pretty exited!  So much space!  I'm trying not to get too over-zealous and till up the entire side of our yard!
I got some heirloom seeds from a local nursery and we've planted some seeds indoors while we wait to get a little closer to the last frost date.  I'm really anxious to start planting :)

Dan's weekend will probably look more like this-

He's got the boys' tree fort that he really wants to make more progress on.   Once he gets the floor down then the boys can be up on the fort helping put up the rest of it.   Pretty soon he'll need to switch over to the chicken tractors.

I've got some adoption posts in the works and I hope to get some adoption related things up and running on this blog in the near future.  We finally got a "Chip-In" button and we will be explaining that as well as all the steps in the adoption process soon.


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