Friday, March 9, 2012

Current Tree Fort Progress

So like Kim mentioned, I'm working on the tree fort and it's going to be great when it's done...  I did a bit of research and found the best way to attach stuff to trees with minimal damage to them.  The main thing is to minimize the number of connections to the tree and Garnier Limbs help in that.  These massive bolts mimic how a tree branch connects to a tree to create a strong mounting point in which to connect stuff to.

Given how this tree is shaped I couldn't really wrap around the trunk; though I didn't like the idea of having a hole in the roof for the trunk anyway.  So I decided to build the fort off to one side and have a deck off the other.

I bought two GL's, as they're called, to hold up the two 4x6 beams you can see horizontal in the picture on the left.  I then used two 4x4 posts to create diagonal braces to hold up the fort side of structure.  It was a challenge to connect the diagonal beams but I thing I arrived a reasonable solution with some advice from a friend.

The next step is to finish laying out the jousts and putting the decking and floor down so that I can start having the boys help in the construction.  I'll post more progress as I find time.


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